Torch 20x1.75 120 TPI Folding Dual Compound (EXO/TR)

A lightweight construction to give you the a tyre ideal for racing

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Torch 20x1.75 120 TPI Folding Dual Compound (EXO/TR)

Light up the track and your competition with the Torch.  In an all-out sprint for 30 seconds, you need every advantage you can get, which is why the Torch features a lightweight, 120-TPI casing and a tread pattern designed to let you rip through the pavement of modern BMX tracks.

  • 120TPI for a supple casing
  • Dual compound
  • Foldable options available

Weight: 365g
(+/-7% tolerance)
Rim Size Width TPI Bead Ply Compound Colour Technology
20 1.75 120 Folding Single Ply Dual Compound Black EXO/TR


Cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls

EXO Protection, an extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tyres. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tyre remains unaffected. Choose EXO Protection for exceptionally rocky treacherous trails where the chance of sidewall cuts and abrasions is high.

Tyre Construction

Tubeless Ready tyre

Tubeless Ready (TR) tyres provide the rider with many benefits: the ability to run lower air pressures, which improves traction; lower rolling resistance when compared to a tube-type tyre; and less chance of flatting since there is no tube.

Liquid sealants should only be used in the following types of tyres: Tubeless Road, tubular, and tubeless Ready. The use of liquid sealants in any other Maxxis tyre will void the warranty.